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TLGS 003

Nothing VIsible
Notes: Tapered slab 1.82cm long and 0.41 m wide at the head very worn. It has a double scroll moulding round the edge. At the top of the stone there is a label for an inscription now no longer visible and underneath, a galley with a furled sail. The rest of the decoration consists of a centrally placed sword with irregular knot work in the spaces above the quillions, and double plant scrolls on either side of the blade. The sword has a lobated pommel and short inclined quillions, so is not a claymore. Iona School 14th -15th century.

TLGS 004

Nothing VIsible
Notes:Slab where nothing visible and it may be one of the 2 slab stones described by Beveridge that had no markings

SS 002 003 004 005

Nothing Visible
Notes:SS 002 – SS 005  all lie one beside the other with marker stones at their top and bottom and are mainly overgrown with turf. Areas of  SS002 and SS005 are exposed  nothing recognizable is visible

TLGS 005

Nothing VIsible
Notes: Lower part of a tapered slab .075m long bearing a sword of uncertain type flanked by plant-scrolls .14th -16th century