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Use as many or as few of the categories below as you like. The more you use in one search the more refined your search will be, and the fewer results will be listed. However, the more refined your search is, the more likely that something that you think is relevant might be excluded from the search results. Alternatively, go to the ‘Search for word or phrase’ window, and type in the most appropriate word, phrase, date, number or name that you can think of to match your query.

Before beginning your search please note:

The spellings of surnames are transcribed from the grave stones and may not be the same as your present-day spellings. For instance, if you are looking for a McDougall ancestor you should search for all name variants – MacDougall, McDougal. McDougald, McDougall, etc or try a more general search for a fragment of the name. In our example a search for the word ‘dougal’ will return all grave stones for all of the variants of McDougall.

It was usual for married women or widows to be recorded on gravestone inscriptions by their maiden surname, not their husband’s surname, although this is not always the case.

The names of places are also listed directly as transcribed which may vary from the modern or conventional spelling. Some places will be listed with multiple variants e.g. Balavulin, Balevulan, Balevulin, Balevullin, Ballevulin, Ballevullin.

If you have any difficulties, contact us and our archivist will conduct a search for you:

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