ST 001

Nothing VIsible
Notes: 18th century table top tomb stone, resting on small stone pillars.
Heraldic Maclean insignia carved in relief but the inscription is illegible.

There is a  shield which  is charged quarterly

1st   lion rampant
2nd castle standing on a rock
3rd  a galley sail furled
4th  2  birds ? eagle

Most probably across the top was inscribed Altera Merces which translates as “Other Reward” or “Reward is Secondary” but is now illegible.

Possibly this one is the one noted by Beveridge* with the name Hector Maclean Minister of Coll and was to the memory of his son.
Traces of letters can be seen on this table top more clearly than ST 002  so it might have been legible when Beveridge recorded it.
* Coll & Tiree ,Bevridge 190