KT 001

Nothing VIsible

A table top of sandstone with a coat of arms at the top of the stone.

The shield is charged: quarterly .1st and 4th gyronny of eight; 2nd possibly a boars head but much weathered ; 3rd a galley;

On top of the shield is a helmet and which has above it a dexter hand holding a lance bend ways

Below the coat of arms is a skull and cross bones with a timer on the left had side and a trumpet on the right.

The inscription below is illegible but the RCAHMS survey done in the 1970’s suggests it commemorates a John Campbell, a cadet of Lochnell and his wife. Thought to be from the first half of the 18th century.

In a song composed by Archibald MacPhail about the turn of the century he eulogies the factor Donald Campbell and his two sons Duncan and Archibald who were both destined to die in the Napoleonic wars .
One of the  lines translates as “ Lochnell of old was your stock and the Duke of Argyll too”

Tiree Bards and their bardach page  7
Was this one of the first Campbell tacksmen in Tiree?